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Carbon Fibre Upgrade

Nov 20, 2020

One of our regular customers brought me these bike plastics to see what could be done to improve the aesthetics of his bike.

We decided to skin the nasty black plastic bits in carbon fibre to improve the overall appearance of the machine…

The Process

  • The skinning process uses your donor parts instead of using a mould to apply the carbon fibre mat to.
  • An epoxy basecoat is applied after parts have been prepared. Carbon twill mat is then applied onto the basecoat once it is tacky.
  • After that has been left for a period of time, subsequent layers of resin are applied.. up to six in total.
  • The item is then left for at least 24hrs to cure before a final wet sanding to make sure the surface is completely flat. The final finish is 3 coats of clearcoat lacquer in either gloss or matt.

I’m sure you will agree – the final result will be a stunning visual upgrade to his bike!